Adjustable Transparent Full Protective Face Visor Face Shield

This face shield designed with an adjustable bracket which can be rotated as big as 180 degrees,  providing a all-round protection for everyone. Wrap-around design ensures no invasion from the-top, side or front.

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Standard Carton Packaging

(Frame) 500pcs/ctn, 18.2kg/ctn, 56*46*33cm, (Lens) 500pcs/ctn, 13.5kg/ctn, 23*33*18cm



Product Details:

High-quality, transparent splash protection face shield that provides full-face protection and keeps dust particles, spitting, spray, and other unwanted things away from your eyes, mouth, and nose.

  • High-quality Material: The bracket is made of PP, which is washable, reusable, and durable; the visor is made of PET, which is crystal clear and anti-fog, provides a great transparent vision. No smell. This shield is designed to feel light and comfortable. It protects your face and eyes without feeling like a heavy barrier.
  • Full Face Shield Protection: Longer and Wider, the Face shield is designed to provide all-around protection for everyone from droplets, saliva, splash, and oil. Wrap-around design ensures no invasion from the-top, side, or front.
  • Flexible Adjustable: The adjustable headband can rotate up to 120 degrees to fit heads of all sizes, the elastic band can adjust the tightness according to different head shapes. And there’s plenty of room to wear your glasses underneath.
  • Widely Scope of Use: Great for health-care professionals, dental professionals, cosmeticians, lab work, and anyone who wants to keep spatter and particles away from the face. This anti-spitting splash shield can effectively prevent liquid spray from public places and crowded places: supermarket, park, public transportation, school, etc.



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