4 Hot Tips on Buying Face Shield from China

The face shield has become an increasingly important product for people during this pandemic. It can not only protect you from daily out time but also block out the oil splashing when cooking etc.

There are a variety of face shields on the market, how to make a decision to buy the most suitable face shield can be referred to the following four points.

Set requirements for face shield

There are four factors to consider when choosing a face shield: materials, clearness of visor, lightness, and price, and the specific choice of the face shield depends on which factors users pay most attention to.

The materials for the face shield are mainly  PET, PC, and PVC.  PVC is with the cheapest cost but it is not a safe material under high temperature, PC is safe but with higher cost, so most of the factories choose PET, which is light, clear, and medium price, but it is easy to be scratched.

Understand the main face shield styles

The face shield is divided into three categories according to the mode of wearing. The one-piece style which with foam headband,  the goggle style which is designed as glasses, and the face mask style or you can call chin style which is just like wearing a face mask.

Hereunder are the features of the same 3 styles of face shield:

*One-piece style: super light, easy to be packed, save lots of space for international shipping, so the price is the cheapest among other styles. The short point is that the elastic headband may not be suitable for long time wearing.

*Goggle style: easy to wear, just like wearing glasses, the light design makes it will not make the noses and ears uncomfortable. The short point is that it takes space, which will make the international shipping cost high that will make the unit price high.

*Face mask style: just like wearing a plastic face mask, it’s stylish but it doesn’t protect your eyes.

According to it’s size, the shields can be divided into adult style and kids style.


Determine the purpose of the face shield

For the vast majority of people, the face shield is just used to protect from viruses, but some of them buy face shields for other purposes, in different situations, the specific requirements are different.

If it is used in the office, it must be comfortable enough to let users wear the face shield for a long time. It should also have an excellent clear visor as most office people need to work in front of computers, let people focus on work.

Light and firm are most important when used for exercise. To avoid the loss of the face shield during intense action, users generally choose the goggle style which is not easy to be taken off.

Due to outdoor use and weather considerations, the face shield is best equipped with a hard pc material visor. A hard rigid visor will protect outdoor people from wind which can blow the light lens to your face and disturb your sight.

So for indoor purposes, we suggest using the face shield equipped with a light thin PET visor, and for outdoor/sporty purposes you can choose a little heavier face shield equipped with a rigid PC visor.


When the budget is made and the main purpose and function requirements of the face shield are determined, the scope should be greatly reduced and several models locked.

Everyone’s taste is different. Someone like the simple design, others may prefer the one with a more fashionable design such as face mask/chin style face shield, or  Blocc style face shield, etc.

Remember, there is no best face shield, and you can only find the ones that work best for you based on demand and price.

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